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Safety is at the core of every operation.  Rawhide holds our employees to the highest and strictest standards of safety in the industry.  The safety of our workers and worksite is our number-one priority.

All of our services are provided by experienced operators with safety training, using well maintained equipment, and proper personal protective equipment.  Our employees are equipped with fire retardant clothing, steel-toed boots, safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

Monthly safety meeting are conducted and concentrate on OSHA requirements and everyday well servicing safety.  A job safety analysis is performed before every job and throughout as needed.  Rawhide also has an extensive drug and alcohol testing program in place.

All employees are trained in SafeLand USA and CPR/First Aid Training.   Rawhide is a participating subscriber of ISNetworld and a current member of the OIPA.


Wellness and health go beyond the worksite.  Outstanding healthcare is our commitment to our employees and their families.  We are one of the few small independent oil and gas companies known for taking excellent care of our employees and providing quality oilfield jobs.  


Environmental responsibilities are integral to the way we conduct our business.  Through continual improvement and efficient and effective use of our equipment, we aspire to zero incidents and protection of the environment for future generations.