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Rawhide Well Service, LLC was started by a group of independent oil and gas producers who had grown dissatisfied with the quality and timeliness of service that they were receiving from their well servicing contractors. So, in 2007, they decided that they could do the job better by starting their own workover rig service company.  The intent was to build the company from the perspective of small producers, with specific goals in mind –   to work efficiently, safely, and to be cost effective.

Rawhide owns eight workover rigs. These rigs are state of the art equipment with hydraulic floors and walkways. They rig up quicker and are much safer than the worn out rigs currently used by our competition.

Rawhide has developed a strong reputation in the Panhandle area for safe, efficient and professional services. Our hands are experienced and dependable. We have worked hard, and our customers realize that there is a huge difference in the quality of service that Rawhide provides.

In addition to our workover rigs, Rawhide also offers a package of complementary services including anchor trucks, pump trucks, and tubing testing.   In conjunction with our sister company, Partners Oilfield Service, we can offer cement services for casing repair and plug and abandonment, tubing and downhole tool rental, pump and tank rentals, power swivel rentals, heavy hauling, bulldozers, loaders, motorgraders, backhoes, plus many other services including water hauling, both fresh and produced water, and water disposal services.